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Static websites are still very popular with SOHOs. These "billboards" on the Internet offer a sort of "set it and forget it" ease that suits SOHO businesses quite readily. But that's a shame. A business' domain can do more than host a website. There are many add-on web-based apps, which leverage the power of the web server to bring even more value to your domain.

Blogs, Wikis, Project Management, Ticketing systems, and even Invoicing can become a part of your website. These webapps usually are private, and intended for internal use only, but you can make them public enough for customers to use. Additionally, these apps can give you some of the functionality of bigger named web apps, but at a reduced cost.

3 Webmail ChoicesE-mail

One often overlooked service is e-mail. E-mail has proven itself to be an essential tool that every business relies on for their day-to-day workings. Yet many SOHO businesses turn to their ISP to provide them with mail services and addresses.

While these types of e-mail services are seen as "doing the job," they are often considered to be personal e-mail addresses. Even when some ISPs try to add a bit of the business name to the address, it still incorporates some of the ISP's name. These methods make the e-mail address seem cobbled, and they diminish the value of a company's domain name.

SOHOBE can offer you a variety of e-mail options that will enhance the value of your e-mail. We offer e-mail addresses that fully display your domain name. Our most basic e-mail offers Webmail and POP3, one of the most popular e-mail technologies available. POP3 works with a variety of e-mail programs including MS Outlook and eM Client.

G Suite buttonGroupware

Groupware takes e-mail services and augments them so that the ability to collaborate and easily share and retrieve data is enhanced. This give the ability for e-mail to be accessed more seamlessly from a variety of sources. It also gives the system the ability for contacts and calendaring to be treated in a manner similar to e-mail.

There are many groupware solutions available, but by far the most popular for a SOHO business are Microsoft's Office 360 and Google's G Suite. One of the reasons for this is that each technology give a SOHO cutting edge technology hosted by a trusted name.

While SOHOSites by SOHOBE does not directly hosts these services, we are partners with Google and GoDaddy who do provide the hosting.

Website Apps

When some business get their Domain Name, they naturally understand that a hosted website under that Domain Name is a great business tool. But there are a wealth of other hosted applications that can extend the business value of having hosting.

Ticketing systems
Content Management Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Newsletter Contact
Polls and Surveys
Project Management

For a listing of some of the more common web apps available, please visit our web apps listing page.

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