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SOHO Business Enterprises Website and Webhosting Services for the SOHO Market

SOHO Business Enterprises offers a limited number of traditional website services appropriate for the Small Office/Home Office business. While static websites, and even Facebook, are still very popular with SOHOs, there are many add-on web-based apps, which leverage the power of the web server to bring even more value to your domain.

One often overlooked service is e-mail. E-mail has proven itself to be an essential tool that every business relies on for their day-to-day workings. SOHOBE can offer you a variety of e-mail options that will enhance the value of your e-mail.

SOHOBE also offer consulting so that the services you choose can be set up and ready for you to use with your computer. SOHOBE's philosophy is that having the technology isn't enough in this era of web-based business. Knowing how to use the technology is just as important, and it's a vital step that many companies don't consider. SOHOBE can even offer training and ongoing mentoring so that you can come up-to-speed.

Website Services

Website hosting
Website development
Website maintenance
E-mail hosting (POP/SMTP, IMAP, BlackBerry® FastMail)
Groupware (Office365, Google Apps, Horde, IceWrap, SmarterMail)
Domain Name research, backordering and registration [more]
Photography and related graphic design

Website Apps

Ticketing systems
Content Management Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Newsletter Contact
Polls and Surveys
Project Management

Related Consulting

Application Recommendation
E-mail client configuration (Thunderbird, etc.)
MS Outlook support
EM Client support and licensing
Mulberry IMAP client support (limited)
Sage ACT! support (limited)

SOHO Business Enterprises consulting services are limited to Rhode Island, nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut, and selected locations on Cape Cod.

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